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Visa Applications: Tier 4 (Adult/child), Student Visitor

Our professional immigration advisor will help you from start to finish with your student visa application and support you fully until you finally enter universities/colleges. We visit UK Universities on a regular basis, and maintain close contact with the faculty and admissions officers.

Your Family members: Visitor, Dependant (PBS)

We also provide all kinds of immigration advice and services regarding your immigration status and your family members, including your parents, your partners or your children, no matter if you want to invite them to come to UK to visit you or join your life here!

Other Visa Type: Tier 1 (post study work visa), Tier 1(general), Tier 2

After your graduation, if you want to start working in the UK, we provide advice and service to help you to change your current student visa to work visas, which can allow you to work in the UK and gain valuable experience!


We will hold a personal counselling session with each applicant, and provide you with detailed information on the best choices of your needs! If the visa application will be made in the UK, you can choose wither via post or same-day serviceļ¼šsimpler, quicker and safer!





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