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X. Wei (China)
International Management 2011
Eminenta’s service was very helpful.  I was not entirely confident with my English, but using their application revising service, I was able to write a satisfying essay.  Also, they helped me look for language schools that would improve my English before I actually start my Master's course.  Now I am more comfortable starting my studies in the U.K.!

S. Mohammed  (India)
A HR Managment 2011
The best part of Eminenta’s support was the helpful staff who helped me pick which was the right univeristy for me.  My counselor provided me with information of each university's environment, professors, cost, etc.  I was able to choose a university according to my preferences and costs, and I am now very happy and excited to study in the U.K.

 T. Chen (Taiwan)
MBA 20
I've always wanted to study in the U.K., but I was not sure which university to apply.  So I chose Eminenta to help me out.  I liked them because the counselors were very kind, and I was able to talk to my counselor face-to-face.  They were quick in responding to my emails too.  Without them, I could not have been accepted to the university I wanted to go.

S.T. (Philippines)
BA Development Studies 20
I liked Eminenta’s service because the counselors had a lot of knowledge about UK universities, and they helped me even though my English leves is not that high.  They encouraged me to go to a language school and take pre-sessionals so that once I start studying in the actual course; I would be able to keep up with my classes.

S.M. (Mauritius)
MA Internet Computing 2011
Eminenta was very reliable and very responsive to my emails and phone calls.  Even though I live a thousand miles away from the office, they were still able to give me a full support. They helped me through every step and I was able to meet the universities which is very conveniently located. I want to thank them and the other super friendly counsellors for getting me into excellent UK University with an amazing MA programme.



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